Quality Assurance & Standards Committee (QASC)


The QASC’s mission is to promote the development and delivery of quality forensic services in Asia. The objectives are to create awareness of quality assurance in forensic laboratories and to coordinate training in quality assurance. Over the years, QASC has invited experts from different countries to share their experience through trainings and workshops, with topics ranging from measurement uncertainty, measurement traceability, design of forensic laboratory, to the key success factors for accreditation, International Forensic Strategic Alliance (IFSA) minimum requirements documents and the transition to ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. In addition, QASC forms a platform to encourage member institutes to share their experiences, concerns and difficulties in quality management and quality assurance. For example, in 2015 HSA, Singapore and CIFS, Thailand co-hosted an ASCLD/LAB International Auditor training course in Singapore to allow staff of both institutes to learn the accreditation requirements. In the same year, CIFS invited HSA to conduct an internal training course and to share the experience in the ASCLD/LAB International accreditation requirements.