Q1: How do I become a user of the Forensic Alert Portal?

a)  To become a user of the forensic alert portal of a specific workgroup, you have to meet the following requirements:

- Your institute/organisation must be a member of AFSN

- Your institute/organisation must have a representative in the workgroup that you are interested to become a user. The list of representatives can be found in the homepage under WORKGROUPS

b)  If the above criteria are satisfied, you can approach the workgroup representative from your institute/organisation to ask for permission to access.

c)  Depending on the number of users for each member institute as agreed by the workgroup, the workgroup member representative can grant the access and pass the user information to the moderator.

d)  Upon receiving the information from workgroup member representative, the moderator will create an account for the user, and the password will be generated and emailed to the user.

Q2: What is the responsibility of the moderator?

The responsibilities of the moderator include:

a) Creation of forensic alert user account

b)  Approval of uploaded content

c)  Updating of the list of forensic alert users regularly to the chairperson of the workgroup

The moderator can refer to the ‘Forensic Alert Moderator Manual’ (to be updated soon) on how to perform the above functions (a) and (b).

Q3: What can be uploaded onto the portal?

a)  Past AFSN meetings oral and poster presentations, business meetings minutes

b)  Presentations at other meetings

c)  Procedures and methods

d)  Articles

e)  Guidelines & standards

Please note that all data/information shared should not contravene copyright laws.